CCTV 18m BNC Shotgun Cable


LMS CCTV 18m BNC Shotgun Cable – CCTV
C-BNC-18M – LMS CCTV Shotgun Cable – 18 Metre
Manufacturers Code: C-BNC-18M
EAN: 8400800025203

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This extension cable is perfect for businesses or homes where a larger distance between your DVR and CCTV camera is required.

With this extension cable, you can position your equipment exactly where you need it, rather than being restricted by shorter cables.

This hard-wearing extension cable includes a BNC adapter (to allow this cable to be attached to another cable) and carries both video and power to give you practicality and performance in one product.

A recommended maximum of 3 Cables can be chained together to ensure signal integrity is maintained.

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