Dowshu Electric Door Opener

For total convenience and no more health risks from touching & pushing contaminated door handles, the Dowshu DED1 00 Electric Door Opener is the safe, long life, cost-effective solution for offices, business premises and homes.


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Non touch – automatic swing Door ,Open /Close– with safety first features

Complete With Auto Opening Sensor.

Once installed the door is opened automatically through a choice of the latest technology

  • Activation through Auto sensing PIR once approached by a person on entry/exit
  • Activation through wall mounted non touch switch at door entry/exit
  • Activation through key fob or phone app
  • Activation through any form of access control.
Model No.DED100
An operator with an armPull arm
Power supply220V
Opening time3~7s / 90°
Opening and holding time1-30s
Protection levelIP12D
Packing box626x197x152mm
  1. An advanced reliable microprocessor controller.
  2. Brushless long-life low energy self-locking motor.
  3. Opening & Closing Speed adjustable.
  4. Automatic/Lock/One Way/Half-open/Hold-open status can be set by remote key.
  5. Low noise smooth opening and closing action.
  6. Safety interlock and electric lock function.
  7. Support multiple access control systems and Fire Alarm Systems
  8. Auto-Reverse
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Dowshu Electric Door Opener

Availability: 4 in stock